Why You Should Compete

Posted October 1st, 2015

Pitch.  Network.  Elevate Your Venture.

Meet industry executives and the world’s best corporate retail innovators.  Get a shot at tens of thousands of dollars in prize money.  Be named as a Top Student Retail Innovator.

The competition is seeking ventures that meet the following criteria:


  • Products/Services with a potential for commercialization within the next 12 months
  • Pioneering, value adding ventures that go well beyond currently available solutions
  • Venture-fundable ideas, those that carry the greatest potential viability and profitability
  • Products/Services that are accessible to customers through a variety of channels (mobile, web, brick & mortar retail)



  • A commitment to overall personal health, wellness and well being
  • New tools, systems and mechanisms that address:
    • Diagnostic understanding
    • Preventative measures
    • Persistent relief
    • Therapeutic care
  • A dedication to supporting holistic, long-term, chronic health


While we are interested in concepts, products, services and ideas that meet the above-stated criteria, we are open to any and all entries that are devoted to addressing opportunities for innovation within the Retail and Healthcare industries.

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