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The RHIC seeks teams of student entrepreneurs from across the academic spectrum ( Undergrad, MA/MBA, PhD/MD ) that will be ready to launch their ventures into the marketplace within the next twelve months.

Teams that would be an especially good fit for this competition are those which have overlap with Retail and Health in the following ways:


  • Products and Services that are accessible to consumers through a variety of retail channels ( bricks & mortar, web, mobile ).
  • Pioneering ventures that provide value propositions beyond those currently available through retail outlets
  • Venture-fundable ideas – those that carry the greatest potential viability and profitability


  • A commitment to personal health, wellness and overall wellbeing
  • New tools, systems, and mechanisms that address:
    • Diagnostic understanding
    • Preventative measures
    • Persistent relief
    • Therapeutic care
    • Medical Adherence

The Retail & Health Innovation Challenge was established to bring innovative ideas to market, your ideas. Submit and see your ideas become reality!

2018 Team Application

Please fill out the application below. Your business plan/idea can be anything but we should be able to:

  1. 1. Know what your business is/does
  2. 2. How it relates to our theme of Retail & Health Innovation
  3. 3. See it's potential to up-end the current industries or health and retail.

While your application can include any materials you think we need to best understand your vision, if you and your team are selected for the competition you will need to have a 2-minute pitch ready to go and a 30 minute full presentation (those who qualify for the final round will present their full concept).

  1. Regular Deadline March 16, 2018
  2. Final Deadline: March 23, 2018
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  • Summary of your idea and business model ( maximum 5 pages )